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Composite Deck Installer Akron Ohio

Composite decking was the original wood-alternative choice until PVC made its debut in the late 2000s. In its original form, composite deck boards were made up of a combination of plastic and wood fibers. They offered enhanced durability and weather resistance relative to wood decking, but the exposed composite material did not always retain color, was subject to staining, and some rot over time. 

Today’s composite decking has been much improved and is a top choice when selecting decking material. It maintains a similar wood-plastic composite core, capped with a more durable casing. The casing protects the fiber composite, and makes the finished product appears very similar to a PVC deck board – both require minimal maintenance, retain color, and are weather resistant. Composite deck manufacturers offer an excellent product with a durable, low maintenance finish that closely resembles real wood.

Manufacturers of both synthetic and composite decking have come a long way in the past decade to very closely mimic the look of wood with high quality, low-maintenance materials. Clients enjoy minimal maintenance and enhanced design/color options when choosing wood-alternative decking.

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Synthetic Deck Builders Akron Ohio

Synthetic plank decking is an extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free decking option that is made from a recyclable, plastic byproduct. It contains no wood fibers, which contributes to its low maintenance reputation and typically has the widest variety of color options. Despite its plastic composite composition, many manufacturers have developed beautiful products that imitate the look and texture of real wood.

Composite deck building materials are made from either a combination of recycled plastic (plastic bags and packaging) and wood fibers (reclaimed wood and/or sawdust) or plastic alone. The high-quality composite boards we use to build decks will not split, crack or rot. They have a tough outer layer that’s extremely durable, made to resist weathering, fading, staining, along with mold, mildew, and insects.

As a top deck builder in Akron Ohio, we construct more composite decks than any other material. More than 50 percent of the decks we build are now composite decks. Composite decks are continuing to gain in popularity with homeowners. 

Wood decks require washing, restaining and resealing. Boards that split, crack or warp must be replaced, or they can become a safety hazard. The cost of staining and sealing a wood deck over a 10-year span can add up to more than the cost of the deck itself. You don’t need to sand or stain composite decks, just keep them clean to prevent a film from forming.

When installed correctly, wood-alternative decks last much longer than traditional pressure-treated decking. Most manufacturers offer a 25-year fade and stain warranty.  Call today to have the best deck contractor in Akron give you the beautiful deck you've always dreamed of!